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Books & Literature ‧The Local Gazeteer for Taiwan since 1949 ‧The Archives of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (Trials) ‧The Catalogue of Book Publications in Taiwan 1945-1949 ‧Selected Collection of Publications during the Japanese Colonial Period ‧Collection of Ancient Books in Japanese in Tainan City Municipal Library ‧Collection of Taiwan Literature in the Lukang Culture & Education Foundation ‧Taiwan Hakka Digital Libary ‧Books of Taiwanese Folksong ‧Scripts of Shadow Play Collections in the Shadow Play Hall of Kaohsiung County Government ‧Selected Novels in Chinese before 1965
Photos ‧Taiwan Photos from the 19th Century ‧Photo Album of Taiwan in the Japanese Colonial Period ‧Photo Album of Taiwan in the Japanese Colonial Period ‧Elementary School Yearbooks in the Japanese Colonial Period ‧Liberty Lottery issued in 1950~1987
Historic Documents ‧Taiwan Rubbings ‧Collection of Taiwan Historic Documents ‧Taiwan Family Genealogy
People and Events ‧Biography of Taiwan’s Historic Figures: From the Ming & Qing Dynasties to the Japanese Colonial Period ‧TTV News from 1962 ‧Timelines and Events in Taiwan ‧Biographies of Taiwanese Figures (1895-1945)
Visual Exhibition ‧Records of Taipei Prosperity ‧Images of Taiwan:Exhibition of Selection of Taiwan Literature Collections ‧Exhibition of Taiwan Historic Documents in National Central Libary ‧Figure of Professor Robert Schloz (Hsiaozi) ‧Exhibition of Photographic Images of Taiwan in the 19th Century ‧The Story of Taiwan Stele ‧Exhibition of Taiwan Literature Magazines ‧The Story of Liberty Lottery in 1950-1987 ‧Reappearance of Taiwan in the Japanese Colonial Period ‧Drawings of Keelung City and Seaside—Rare Sketches of Geography ‧Memories in Ink: Calligraphy and Painting of Early Taiwan gentry ‧Faces of Old Buildings in Taipei City ‧Paintings of Contemporary Artists in National Central Library ‧Brilliance of the Cities
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